It’s a unique product specially designed for Xperitus Insurance brokers Pvt. Ltd. and Risk Management Company Pvt. Ltd.

  • GMC specially designed for effective management of corporate med claim insurance business.
  • It helps to manage med claim insurance business for various corporate as well as their insurers
  • Admin featured to upload all employee information into system using excel or manual data entry.
  • Software has three different logins

  • Admin, Employer and Employee login. On each login software maintains data protection.

  • Any employee could login to system and log claim or could view their policy offered by employer.
  • It also generates various reminders for follow up with insurer or corporate or employee.

Software Mechanism :

DMS software has two components

  • Web based solution for document viewer and management.
  • Desktop Solution for generating barcode series.
  • Software works on barcode fundamentals. End user first needs to generate barcodes in auto series for documents as per subject area.

    For example in case of insurance business documents could be :

    1) Proposal form    2) Endorsement details    3) Claim forms.

  • All documents belong to customer. So we have to keep bunch of documents on scanner separated by barcode sticker. Scanner reads the barcode and generates separate file for each customer and saves on hard drive of the path defined.
  • Then those files will be manually moved to cloud server or through auto scheduler to make available to remote users as well.

Features :

  • User friendly application interface with minimum intervention of technical person.
  • System automatically scans all bunch of documents placed on scanner with the defined set of barcode series.
  • All documents once scanned could be uploaded or saved on cloud server so that all Associated users would have access to it across the globe with proper credentials.
  • DMS Requires user to define their classification of documents so that system will generate an automated serial document numbers for each classification.
  • SSL (security socket layer) helps user to safely upload and access documents from cloud server.
  • Application could be installed and operate on local LAN also so that across organization availability will be maintained without having SSL on it.
  • In the above case file server security needs to be configured separately along with the Local IT and our team.

Intangible benefits :

  • DMS helps to maintain documents with multiple years' unchanged data.
  • Every edit or upload of same document keeps track of audit trail maintained.
  • Cost effective saving documents on physical locations will be costlier and not advisable.
  • If a company uses an off-site storage facility the cost to store and retrieve files is equally expensive. Add to this the cost for filing clerks and the downtime required to find specific files and the price of a manual filing system is substantial. With digital systems, there is a cost for the scanning and filing technologies, but once digitized, the cost for data storage is quite low.
  • Electronic documents are easily encrypted with access controls using passwords and an authentication system.

Hardware Requirement :
  • One or more multi document high speed scanner as per requirement
  • Barcode printer.
  • Cloud server or file server to store scanned data.

About Client :

GTSN Consultants Private Limited, Venture of GTSN Group, a consultancy firm which is focused to Serve your different needs of Consultancy in the areas of Corporate Services, Taxation, Corporate Laws, Financial Services & Products, Registration & Compliances , Government Authorized Services Human Resources, Information & Outsourcing services.

About Application :

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company's interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.
It also facilitate to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.
It is a web based application. Login facility is provided to Employee, Customers and Vendors to check the status of their work. Users can access application from anywhere only they require Internet and user id and password. All the data is stored on servers with all security.

Benefits of CRM :

  • Quality and efficiency
  • Decrease in overall costs
  • Decision support
  • Enterprise agility
  • Customer Attention
  • Revenue comparison and monitoring
  • Servicing effectively to customers within timelines
  • Effective monitoring employee’s performance.

This system can be used to store the details of the inventory, update the inventory based on the sale details, produce receipts for sales, keep records of vendor purchase and stock details periodically, etc.
It is a web based application. Login facility is provided to Employees. All the data is stored on servers with all security.

Inventory Application Features :

  • Manage Client / Vendor
  • Manage Category / Item / Unit Master
  • Inward / Outward Register
  • Transaction Management
  • Searching Facility
  • Re-order facility
  • Multi user with access level
  • Database Backup facility
  • Web Enabled Application which can run on a Local Server as well as on Internet/Intranet using Browser Environment.

Features :

  • Creation and Maintenance of Employee Profiles
  • Facility to create n... no of sub sections in one organization
  • Online Salary Status
  • Auto Salary Generation
  • Various reports for TAX calculation (include FORM 16, etc)
  • Salary Register
  • Employee history Management
  • Increment History Maintenance
  • Reporting Module
  • Security & Admin Module

Features :
  • Service Call Tracking (external as well as third party service calls)
  • Service Efficiency & TAT (Turn-Around-Time) Calculation
  • Interfacing with customer through SMS, emails etc (regarding complaint details, ticket no or call number, Engineer details, etc)
  • Call Resolution Management and Variation Tracking
  • Maintenance of Details of Call login time, date, close time.
  • Performance Management (any After Sales Service Person)
  • Linking with Inventory & Sales Management Module
  • Measuring of Service Cost and Material cost
  • Reporting Module
  • Security & Admin Module

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